Photography fascinates me. By capturing an instant, a few hundredths of a second, we can (sometimes) convey timelessness. The instant we captured, though disappeared in the past, lives on. I find that this inherent nostalgia can remind us to appreciate the present moment and seek it - a concept reminiscent of mindfulness meditation.

I shoot stories, places (including famous sites which I seek to portray differently), abstract (whether studio or... details I've seen in the street), I seem to have a fascination with walls and surfaces. Many of my photos are about texture, geometry and, sometimes, colour (or shades of grey) and I have extensive experience with portrait photography, especially for professionals.

My clients either purchase photos from my portfolio or mandate me for their specific needs, whether as photographer, advisor or trainer.

As I write this, in March 2018, I am working on my first documentary film and will share that in time.

Photo by Lucas Vigano

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